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The Wrong Girl

He's a single dad, fresh out of the military and planning to stay focused on his career and kids. She's a fun-loving heiress planning to take over her family business and run things her way. But when they have to work together, fate may have it’s own plans…


When Jake Wright’s family imploded, he had no choice but to leave the only career he’d ever known and move his kids to the gorgeous mountain town of Aspen Ridge. With his experience training new military leaders, helping a billionaire ski mogul turn his daughter into a CEO is too good an opportunity to pass up. If it works out, he can secure a comfortable position and then get to work picking up the pieces of his life. Jake is used to hard work and sacrifice, so he’s certainly up for the challenge. The one thing he wasn’t counting on was Isabelle Tremont.


Ellie enjoys her freedom almost as much as she enjoys her family business. Fortunately, since she was practically raised to run it. She has her own ideas about how to improve the booming ski resort of Aspen Ridge, and she’s counting the days until her dad retires and hands over the keys to the kingdom. She didn’t think twice about hooking up with a hot stranger at a party—life’s short! That is, until her father introduces Jake as her new ‘coach’, and reality comes crashing down in the form of one extremely hot but annoying new shadow.


Ellie is determined to show Jake that she’s more than capable of managing her business, and Jake is determined to keep his focus where it belongs: completing his mission and securing a new home for himself and his kids. Unfortunately for Jake, he finds himself falling for Ellie’s sunny charm more and more every day, and his growing attraction to Ellie wars with his own aversion to dating the boss’s daughter.


The Wrong Place

She's an olympic hopeful who's battling wounds from the past. He's fresh out of the Army with demons of his own.


When Sebastian Delacruz rolls back into town, Stella Blackwell is thrust right back into the painful memories of rejection from her brother's best friend, and she wants nothing to do with him.

However, when an emergency and a snowstorm force them to face each other, they can't help but wonder if it was always meant to be.

Releasing February 8th!

Aspen Ridge Book 3

Keep your eye out for the cover release and description of the third book in the Aspen Ridge series, releasing Fall 2024

Coming soon!
Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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