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Sasha Pierce

Welcome to the official website of
indulgent romance author Sasha Pierce.

The Aspen Ridge Series

The cover of book The Wrong Girl featuring a couple gazing at each other in front of a mountain scene

Aspen Ridge 1


Aspen Ridge 2


Aspen Ridge 3


Reviews for The Wrong Girl


"What a perfect story! This is almost hallmark level in the cutest way. Like a less cheesy but absolutely lovable love story."

Goodreads review


"The story is flirty, fun, and a quick Hallmark-ish read. This could definitely be a movie."

Goodreads review


"I really enjoyed this sweet romance. It's a slow burn with low spice, but I loved the characters."

Goodreads review


About Sasha

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Sasha Pierce has always been inspired by the heart-touching relationships in small town romances. She loves to dive into the intricate worlds the characters inhabit and the towns that are as much a character as the people themselves.

On this website, you can learn more about Sasha, her books, and upcoming releases. Thank you for visiting!

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